Motorbike Ambulance Appeal Kenya

Care Merseyside have partnered up internationally with the village of Boi in Kenya to help raise funds for motorbike ambulances.


Dr Patrick Ondire has been an active and serving GP in Knowsley for almost 15 years and is originally from the village of Boi.


Boi is a small village in Kenya and is remote, the nearest healthcare facility is 30km away.


During his spare time Dr Patrick provides medical consultations via whatsapp to his home community.


Dr Patrick has become increasingly concerned about the rise in female and infant mortality among pregnant women who have not been able to get to an appropriate healthcare facility due to lack of transport.


He has appealed to Care Merseyside to help raise funds for Motorbike Ambulances in order to support local people get access to healthcare facilities in emergency situations.


The cost of one Motorbike  is £4700 and we are launching this appeal as a GP led Social Prescribing Charity to help our friends in the BOI community get the healthcare they need and to reduce unnecessary mortality rates.


The appeal is also supported by Brother Colm O’Connell a famous Irish missionary and internationally renowned athletics coach who is known as the Godfather of Kenyan Running and is also Dr Patrick’s former school teacher.