BBC stories: A clown show that tackles death and grief

Care Merseyside is so proud to have contributed to this BBC Stories film alongside our clients and partners Malit in The Community and Ugly Bucket Theatre. Please watch the full film below:


BBC Stories wrote:

A clown show about death is “done in a way that you would never, ever expect or forget” says Grace Gallagher, who is the artistic director of Ugly Bucket Theatre in Liverpool.


It features the emotional stories of many people including Frank. Ten years on from his wife’s death, Frank describes how, like for many people, the emotion of grief can still “grip” him at unexpected times “like a tidal wave that just sweeps you away”.


And 23-year-old Rida, whose parents have both died, found that her friends didn’t know how to speak with her, and so she’s sharing her experiences to encourage people to open up.



Social Prescribing opens windows of opportunities for people that otherwise would have been unimaginable and has brought to a wider audience what many people would class as ‘ordinary’ people to (in our view) a glimpse of their ‘extra -ordinariness’.


We feel BBC Stories have done a phenomenal job in this portrayal. Grace and Ugly Bucket you’re talent knows no bounds. Anna and Megan your compassion and care is second to none. To Frank and all our other members of Care Merseyside – we could not be prouder.